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Disha Vaid is a multi disciplinary designer with focus on footwear and apparel , delivering innovative ideas with an eco-friendly footprint .

Born in Lucknow , India, she is currently based in Mumbai .

Disha began her collegiate studies in pre-med , however, sketching microscopic diagrams came naturally and instinctively to her , hence she transitioned to design .

The influence of her culture in her work is her default setting . Growing up in India with a culturally diverse and eco-conscious environment , she witnessed sustainable practices which still are the core component of Indian lifestyle , has definitely shaped her creative vision .

Disha explores the synthesis of empathetic and intuitive designs , aligning modern day design processes and technologies with ancient values in her culture , translating It in a globally relevant product . She believes now it is imperative to give the consumer a reason to connect with the product at a deeper level . Her design thinking process addresses the social impact and humanitarian needs around the world .

She believes global communities, such as hers , can be a very powerful force, which will influence worldwide branding and drive consumers’ purchasing .

She get’s a diverse eastern design sensibility to the table .

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